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Old Faithful is not the largest geyser in Yellowstone Park, nor is it the most impressive. An eruption lasts 1 ½ to 5 minutes, whereas other geysers such as Giant last up to an hour. Then why is Old Faithful so famous? Because of its consistent performance. Whereas other more impressive geysers only go off every few years Old Faithful is still as spectacular and predictable as it was a century ago. Rather like that faithful geyser, Christians should be steadfast and unmovable in fulfilling their dedication.

Imagine a small plane flying into difficult weather conditions. The pilot can no longer make out landmarks. Thick clouds envelop him. He cannot see beyond his windscreen, yet he feels sure that he can complete his journey safely. What is the reason for his confidence? He has accurate instruments that enable him to fly through clouds and land in darkness. Along his route, especially near the airport, beacons guide him electronically, and he has radio contact with air? Traffic controllers on the ground.

But before a pilot can fly blind, depending totally on his instruments and ground control, he needs adequate training and many hours of flying time. Similarly, a Christian needs to exercise his faith continually so as to maintain his confidence in Jehovah's guidance, especially when difficult circumstances arise. Of course, a pilot learns through experience as well as through study that his instruments are trustworthy. Likewise, our confidence in Jehovah grows when we in our own lives see evidence of his loving care.

As a result of radioed instructions or an instrument check, pilots sometimes realize that they need to correct their course. We may likewise have to change direction according to Jehovah's instruction.

A small plane can easily be blown off course if needed corrections are not made. Likewise, outside influences constantly buffet Christians today.

An experienced pilot once said, "a pilot sometimes may find it difficult to believe his instrument - simply because his instincts disagree. Experienced military pilots have been known to fly upside down because the lights on the ground looked just like stars - even though their instruments told them otherwise." Similarly, our selfish instincts can mislead us in a spiritual sense. Jesus said that riches have "deceptive power," and Paul warned that 'the love of money has led many away form the faith.' Like deceptive twinkling lights, glitzy material goals can point us in the wrong direction.

A pilot feels deep satisfaction when after a long, difficult journey, he descends and finally breaks through the thick clouds. There spread out before him lies the earth - green and welcoming. The airport runway is below, waiting to receive him. A thrilling experience awaits us too. This gloomy, wicked world will give way to a new earth of righteousness. A divine welcome awaits us.

Isn't it amazing what Jehovah has accomplished

Only by Jehovah's Spirit could only such a thing come to be 

To have No Barriers in our Love for one another 

What a Witness for the World to see


Isn't it mind boggling with all our different Languages? 

In agreement we all speak

Where race, background and station of life doesn't matter 

And when a disaster occurs, your brothers are there 1st 

And ready for the task to meet


Isn't it Fantastic to have so many brothers and sisters?

That you can depend on

Whether it be spiritual support, a helping hand, encouragement 

And many more, too numerous to relate 

To the world its unbelievable that no matter where we are

Internationally with our brother we are at home

Aren't we happy with our international brotherhood? We have put our stake


Oh how pleasant the unity we have among us

Because of Jehovah God we serve 

Let this mighty throng help us 

Not from Jehovah, never to swerve 

Psalms 133:1

The true value of an automobile is not determined solely by its appearance. A coat of paint may enhance its exterior, and a sleek design may attract a potential buyer; but of far grater importance are the things that are not readily seen - the engine that propels the vehicle, along with all the other devices that control it. Similarly, Jehovah 'sees what the heart is' (1 Sam 16:7). He 'knew the deeds' of Ephesus. Yes they were serving God, but with the wrong motive. "You have left the love you had at first" (Rev 2:1? 4). Thus, when our Christian routine falls into a rut, we need to peer inside at the engine, as it were. As even the best of automobiles need periodic maintenance; all Christians need to make regular self-examination (2 Cor. 13:5) to test what our motive is for serving God.