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Why did Jesus associate with sinners? The position of the Christian servant of God might well be compared to that of a doctor who ministers to a superstitious, disease-ridden people in the jungle. Such a doctor will not hesitate to help these people, but he will never for a moment consider sharing the thoughts of his patients' superstitious minds or having fellowship with them in their disease-breeding habits and unsanitary conditions. He does not want to share their disease; he wants to share his knowledge of healing and sanitary living habits with them. He wants to make them well, not to get sick himself; to instruct them in improving their conditions, not to corrupt his own clean living habits. So the Christian witness of Jehovah today will preach to men of all kinds to help them attain spiritual health, but never will he lower his standards and begin sharing the thoughts of this world. (Luke 5:30-32; Rev. 22:1, 2.)

Jehovah will only destroy the wicked:

You are the owner of an apartment block with tenants. Some are bad and some are good. If the bad ones start to destroy the block, what will you do? Burn down the whole block? Would it not be better to get rid of the bad tenants only?

As a deep-sea diver submerges deeper and deeper under the water, he feels increased pressure.

How does the diver compensate for the additional pressure that is coming from the outside of his suit? Does he open the facemask to let some water in to relieve the pressure? No, he must increase the air pressure on the inside to compensate.

This illustration shows that when put under great pressure, our first tendency might be to miss a meeting or skip one day in service in order to relieve that pressure. But just the opposite is required. If we feel ourselves being pressured by this system of things, we need to take time for extra study, prayer and service in order to balance the pressure we are feeling!

Be Fishers of Men.... You catch 'em, He'll Clean 'em. 

1. 7 t. J. h.

A few things good people should endeavor to avoid.


2. 40 y. w. in the w.

An intentionally extended camping trip.


3. 40 d. in the w., being t. by S.

This merited him a visit from the angels.


4. 700 w. and 300 c. of S.

Most men couldn't handle this situation.


5. 150 d. the w. o. the e.

A legendary event.


6. 6 c. d.

These were longer than 144 hours.


7. 10 C. (or 10 W.).

They can be broken.


8. 7 s. o. by the L.

He could do this because he had been slaughtered.


9. 3 k. of the k. of the h.

One chosen person used all of them.


10. 7 b. of the a. of G.

You wouldn't want a "meal" like this sitting on your table.


11. 30 p. of s. b. the "F. of B."

An unpleasant land transaction.


12. 7 y. of g. p. and 7 y. of f.

Something to do with having and having not.


13. 7 s. and 7 g. l.

A heavenly vision of an earthly situation.


14. 10 h. and 7 h.

A beastly sight.


15. 5 l. and 2 f. f. 5000 m.

Most cooks would love to know this recipe.


16. 12 s. in E's. a. on M. C.

A man and a mountain.


17. 3.5 y. of J'. e. m.

The gospel of John holds the clues.


18. 3.5 y. of d. when E. p. for it.

This man had feelings like us.


19. 14 e. by the a. P.

Sometimes he used a secretary.


20. 4 H. l. in the T.

Its name comes from a language different than it is.


21. 450 p. of B. and 400 p. of the s. p.

A wicked queen boarded them.


22. 4 r. out of 1 r. in E.

One of them went to where there was good gold.


23. 27 b. in the C. G. S.

The complement for the 39.


24. 9 h. in the S. on the M.

Suffering people may want to receive these blessings.


25. 5 b. in the P.

Think "Moses."


26. 0 g. k. in the 10-t. k. of I.

Not a good track record for any nation.


27. 9 q. that m. up the f. of the s.

What every Christian wants to bear.


28. 12 j. in I.

They were saviors.


29. 2 s. of J. b. in E. before the y. of the f: M. and E.

They brought Egyptian blood into their families.


30. 12 g. of 12 p. in N. J.

Like nothing ever seen on earth.


31. 1000 p. of m. p. to A. by A., K. of G.

The principle that adultery is wrong was illustrated here.


32. 7 l. and a f. l. f. f. 4000 m., besides w. and y. c.

A historic example of stretching the food budget.


33. 12 s. in the b. of j. with 4 r. of 3 s. in each r.

An unusual garment not to be worn by just anyone.


34. 50 c. the h. of the s. H. had m. to h. M.

An impressive instrument of execution.


35. 12 s. of J.

He didn't get any of them until he was past 80 years old.


36. 1 s., 1 m., and 11 s. b. d. to J.

They called him "that dreamer."


37. 70 y. of c. in B.

People wept by the rivers there.


38. 20 y. J. w. for L.

One of their names means "white."


39. 390 d. on E's. l. s. and 40 d. on E's. r. s.

Someone might accuse him of lying down on the job.


40. 2 h. like a l., but s. as a d.

Makes one think of government propaganda.


41. 1 s. gets s., but 99 h. n. s.

A shepherd must make a decision when this occurs.


42. 10 p. on the l. of E.

Three of these did not discriminate about the recipients; seven did.


43. 70 b. of A. k. on 1 s.

Involves a mass murder in order to gain a kingship.


44. 1 l. was c. at the t. of B.

This situation was definitely confusing.


45. 6 i. in E's. b.

A healthy biblical recipe.


46. 15 w. of the f.

What Christians shouldn't practice.


47. 300 c. out, "J's. s. and G's.!"

They deliberately destroyed pottery when they did this.


48. 300 f. c. by S. b. the f. of the P.

One man's foxy move.


49. 12 t. in the r-c. for J.' a. to j. the 12 t. of I.

Jesus promised this to a few.


50. 10 r. to be a g. in J's. t.

An invitation to be treasured.


51. 1 d. for 1 d's. w.

Not even worth a dollar today.


52. 25 m. with t. b. to the t. of J., b. d. to the e., to the s.

Some people groaned because of this.


53. 1 s. g. as a r. in e. for m.

A beneficial exchange for us.


54. 2 w. of the g. e. were g. the w.

A postpartum trip.


55. 127 j. d. of K. A.

Lots of land for him to look after.


56. 12,000 f., the l. and b. and h. of N. J.

Something this size won't fit on the earth.


57. 40 y. of d. for E., p. by E.

Their historians didn't record that this happened to them.


58. 52 d. to r. the w. of J.

Talk about a "quick-build" project!


59. 1 o.-b. S. of G.

No one else in the universe can claim this.


60. 69 w. (7 w., also 62 w.) u. M. the L.

Hundreds of years later some people were in expectation of this.


61. 24 t. with 24 e.

Heavenly "furniture."


62. 153 f. c. in the s. of T.

A really big haul.


63. 4 a. s. upon the 4 c. of the e., h. t. the 4 w. of the e.

This planetary object isn't literally shaped like this.


64. 120 m. in the u. c. in J. at P.

A small beginning that soon grew large.


65. 2 w. p. 1260 d. d. in s.

Not the kind of clothing one would elect to wear every day.


66. 4 (h.) b. of J.: J. and J. and S. and J.

He wasn't the only child that some say he was.


67. 4 d. that L. was d.

His sister almost said "phew!"


68. 1 s. d's. j. from the M. of O. to J.

'You may travel this far and no further on a certain day.'


69. 13 t. the I. m. a. the w. of J.

These people literally went around in circles.


70. 3 w. b., the s. and the w. and the b.

Someone added spurious words to this scripture to support a false belief.


71. 12 g. of the r. w. of J. in N's. d.

Partially movable devices that enable people to pass through highly protective barriers.


72. 3 t. r., f. h., l., but l. is the g.

Some people let this cool off.


73. 1 p. of the t. n. J. and 1 p. of the t. n. B.

Named parts of a famous building.


74. 1 G., and 1 m. b. G. and m., a m., C. J.

Those two are the tops.


75. 6 s. to S's. t. with 12 l. on the 6 s.

Found only in a certain palace.


76. 2 are b. t. 1, and a t. c. c. q. be t. in 2.

Rope makers already know this.



1. 7 T. J. H.

7 Things Jehovah Hates


2. 40 Y. W. in the W.

40 Years Wandering in the Wilderness


3. 40 D. in the W., being T. by S.

40 Days in the Wilderness, being Tempted by Satan (Mark 1:13)


4. 700 W. and 300 C. of S.

700 Wives and 300 Concubines of Solomon (1 Kings 11:3)


5. 150 D. the W. O. the E.

150 Days the Waters Overwhelmed the Earth (Gen. 7:24)


6. 6 C. D.

6 Creative Days


7. 10 C. or 10 W.

10 Commandments or 10 Words


8. 7 S. O. by the L.

7 Seals Opened by the Lamb (Rev. 5:1:, 8, 9)


9. 3 K. of the K.

3 Keys of the Kingdom (Matt. 16:19)


10. 7 B. of the A. of G.

7 Bowls of the Anger of God (Rev. 16:1)


11. 30 P. of S. B. the F. of B.

30 Pieces of Silver Bought the Field of Blood (Matt. 27:8, 9)


12. 7 Y. of G. P. and 7 Y. of F.

7 Years of Great Plenty and 7 Years of Famine (Gen. 41:29, 30)


13. 7 S. and 7 G. L.

7 Stars and 7 Golden Lampstands (Rev. 1:20)


14. 10 H. and 7 H.

10 Horns and 7 Heads (Rev. 13:1)


15. 5 L. and 2 F. F. 5000 M.

5 Loaves and 2 Fishes Fed 5000 Men (Matt. 14:17-21)


16. 12 S. in E. A. on M. C.

12 Stones in Elijah's Altar on Mount Carmel (1 Kings 18:31)


17. 3.5 Y. of J. E. M.

3.5 Years of Jesus' Earthly Ministry


18. 3.5 Y. of D. when E. P. for it

3.5 Years of Drought when Elijah Prayed for it


19. 14 E. by the A. P.

14 Epistles by the Apostle Paul


20. 4 H. L. in the T.

4 Hebrew Letters in the Tetragrammaton


21. 450 P. of B. and 400 P. of the S. P.

450 Prophets of Baal and 400 Prophets of the Sacred Pole (1 Kings 18:19)


22. 4 R. out of 1 R. in E.

4 Rivers out of 1 River in Eden (Gen. 2:10-14)


23. 27 B. in the C. G. S.

27 Books in the Christian Greek Scriptures


24. 9 H. in the S. on the M.

9 Happinesses in the Sermon on the Mount


25. 5 B. in the P.

5 Books in the Pentateuch


26. 0 G. K. in the 10 T. K. of I.

0 Good Kings in the 10-Tribe Kingdom of Israel


27. 9 F. of the S.

9 Fruits of the Spirit


28. 12 J. in I.

12 Judges in Israel


29. 2 S. of J. B. in E. before the Y. of the F., M. and E.

2 Sons of Joseph Born in Egypt before the Year of the Famine, Manasseh and Ephraim (Gen. 41:50-52)


30. 12 G. of 12 P. in N. J.

12 Gates of 12 Pearls in New Jerusalem (Rev. 21:2, 21)


31. 1000 P. of M. P. to A. by A., K. of G.

1000 Pieces of Money Paid to Abraham by Abimelech, King of Gerar (Gen. 20:2, 16)


32. 7 L. and a F. L. F. F. 4000 M. besides W. and Y. C.

7 Loaves and a Few Little Fishes Fed 4000 Men besides Women and Young Children (Matt. 15:34-38)


33. 12 S. in the B. of J. with 4 R. of 3 S. in each R.

12 Stones in the Breastpiece of Judgment with 4 Rows of 3 Stones in each Row (Ex. 28:15-21)


34. 50 C. the H. of the S. H. M. to H. M.

50 Cubits the Height of the Stake Haman Made to Hang Mordecai (Es. 5:14)


35. 12 S. of J.

12 Sons of Jacob


36. 1 S., 1 M., and 11 S. B. D. to J.

1 Sun, 1 Moon, and 11 Stars Bowed Down to Joseph (Gen. 37:9)


37. 70 Y. of C. in B.

70 Years of Captivity in Babylon


38. 20 Y. J. W. for L.

20 Years Jacob Worked for Laban (Gen. 37:9)


39. 390 D. on E. L. S. and 40 D. on E. R. S.

390 Days on Ezekiel's Left Side and 40 Days on Ezekiel's Right Side (Eze. 4:4-6)


40. 2 H. like a L., but S. as a D.

2 Horns like a Lamb, but Speaking as a Dragon (Rev. 13:11)


41. 1 S. got S. but 99 H. N. S.

1 Sheep got Strayed but 99 Have Not Strayed (Matt. 18:12, 13)


42. 10 P. on the L. of E.

10 Plagues on the Land of Egypt


43. 70 B. of A. K. on 1 S.

70 Brothers of Abimelech Killed on 1 Stone (Judges 9:5)


44. 1 L. was C. at the T. of B.

1 Language was Confused at the Tower of Babel (Gen. 11:1-9)


45. 6 I. in E. B.

6 Ingredients in Ezekiel's Bread (Eze. 4:9)


46. 15 W. of the F.

15 Works of the Flesh (Gal. 5:19-21)


47. 300 C. out, J. S. and G.

300 Cried out, Jehovah's Sword and Gideon's (Judges 7:20)


48. 300 F. C. by S. B. the F. of the P.

300 Foxes Caught by Samson Burned the Fields of the Philistines (Judges 15:4, 5)


49. 12 T. in the R. for J. A. to J. the 12 T. of I.

12 Thrones in the Re-creation for Jesus' Apostles to Judge the 12 Tribes of Israel (Matt. 19:28)


50. 10 R. to be a G. in J. T.

10 Requirements to be a Guest in Jehovah's Tent (Ps. 15)


51. 1 D. for 1 D. W.

1 Denarius for 1 Day's Work (Matt. 20:2)


52. 25 M. with T. B. to the T. of J., B. D. to the E., to the S.

25 Men with Their Backs to the Temple of Jehovah, Bowing Down to the East, to the Sun (Eze. 8:16)


53. 1 S. G. as a R. in E. for M.

1 Soul Given as a Ransom in Exchange for Many (Matt. 20:28)


54. 2 W. of the G. E. were G. the W.

2 Wings of the Great Eagle were Given the Woman (Rev. 12:14)


55. 127 J. D. of K. A.

127 Jurisdictional Districts of King Ahasuerus (Es. 1:1, 2)


56. 12,000 F. the L. and B. and H. of N. J.

12,000 Furlongs the Length and Breadth and Height of New Jerusalem (Rev. 21:16)


57. 40 Y. of D. for E., P. by E.

40 Years of Desolation for Egypt, Prophesied by Ezekiel (Eze. 29:9-12)


58. 52 D. to R. the W. of J.

52 Days to Rebuild the Walls of Jerusalem (Neh. 6:15)


59. 1 O. B. S.

1 Only Begotten Son


60. 69 W. U. M. the L.

69 Weeks Until Messiah the Leader (Dan. 9:25)


61. 24 T. with 24 E.

24 Thrones with 24 Elders (Rev. 4:4)


62. 153 F. C. in the S. of T.

153 Fish Caught in the Sea of Tiberias [or Sea of Galilee] (John 21:1, 11)


63. 4 C. of the E.

4 Corners of the Earth (Rev. 4:4)


64. 120 M. in the U. C. in J. at P.

120 Met in the Upper Chamber in Jerusalem at Pentecost (Acts 1:13, 15)


65. 2 W. P. 1260 D. D. in S.

2 Witnesses Prophesied 1260 Days Dressed in Sackcloth (Rev. 11:3)


66. 4 H. B. of J.

4 Half Brothers of Jesus (Matt. 13:55)


67. 4 D. L. was D.

4 Days that Lazarus was Dead (John 11:39)


68. 1 S. D. J. from the M. of O. to J.

1 Sabbath Day's Journey from the Mount of Olives to Jerusalem (Acts 1:12)


69. 13 T. the I. M. A. the W. of J.

13 Times the Israelites Marched Around the Walls of Jericho (Joshua 6:3-5)


70. 3 W. B., the S., the W., and the B.

3 Witness Bearers, the Spirit, the Water, and the Blood (1 John 5:7)


71. 12 G. of the R. W. of J. in N. D.

12 Gates of the Rebuilt Walls of Jerusalem in Nehemiah's Day (Neh. 13:19 Ftn)


72. 3 T. R., F. H., L, but L. is the G.

3 Things Remain, Faith, Hope, Love, but Love is the Greatest (1 Cor 13:13)


73. 1 P. of the T. N. J. and 1 P. of the T. N. B.

1 Pillar of the Temple Named Jachin and 1 Pillar of the Temple Named Boaz. (1 Kings 7:21)


74. 1 G., and 1 M. B. G. and M., a M., C. J.

1 God, and 1 Mediator Between God and Men, a Man, Christ Jesus (1 Tim. 2:5)


75. 6 S. to S. T. with 12 L. on the 6 S.

6 Steps to Solomon's Throne with 12 Lions on the 6 Steps (1 Chron. 9:18, 19)


76. 2 are B. T. 1, and a T. C. C. Q. be T. in 2

2 are Better Than 1, and a Threefold Cord Cannot Quickly be Torn in 2 (Ecc. 4:9, 12)

When something, like a bike is moving slowly it doesn't take much to stop it, not much force on the brakes. But as it speeds up and gains momentum it takes more and more effort to stop it you really have to squeeze the brakes hard. Eventually it can become almost impossible to stop suddenly and not lose control if you're going to avoid disaster. So it goes wit life. You get into a situation and perhaps start to leave the truth. It starts slow - missing meetings here and there, then altogether. Then you get involved with the world. The sequence of events goes slow as first but then can just speed up. But by then its too late - you've lost control and it is going to take EVERYTHING you have to try to slow it down and stop the Inevitable from happening and avoiding a disaster. The more involved and attached you become, the harder and harder it is to break away. The Bible says to stay separate from the world and quit TOUCHING the unclean thing for a reason - you never know the potential and which direction it'll go.

A businessman was highly critical of his competitor's storefront windows. "Why, they are the dirtiest windows in town," he claimed. Fellow business people grew tired of the man's continual criticism and nitpicking comments about their windows. One day over coffee, the businessman carried the subject just too far. Before leaving, a fellow storeowner suggested the man get his own windows washed. He followed the advice, and the next day at coffee, he exclaimed, "I can't believe it. As soon as I washed my windows, my competitor must have cleaned his too. You should see them shine."

Application: Many times it's easier to see the problems and imperfections of others, than our own. Christ called it the "rafter in your own eye" (Luke 6:42). Maybe first we all need to "wash our own windows".

A lot of bowing your head will help keep your thoughts humble

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