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One day you come home and find a parcel at the door with an inscription that reads: ‘With love from your creator, Jehovah’. Impatiently you enter the house and open the parcel. Inside you find a mirror and a letter that reads as follows:


My beautiful Creation, I give you this mirror so that you can take a good look at yourself. What do you see? A tired face, little wrinkles, your big eyes which you can’t keep open at the end of the day? Do you also see your heart, your deepest emotions and your sad or happy state of mind? Now that you’ve looked at yourself long enough, please clean the mirror and look again, now I want to show you how I see you.


You are a creation of my own hands, you are PRECIOUS in my eyes. When my eyes roam the earth, my heart leaps for joy when it sees your love toward me and your happiness when you’ve reached one of your goals. I also see the beauty of your smile, the honesty of your heart and the help you give others. I also see how you look for me every day, how you find me, talk to me and glorify me with your lips.


However, I’ve also noticed something else- I can see that you’re tired and I SEE AND FEEL the suffering of your mind, heart and body. I’m so aware that this system is causing you misery. I can see you are fed up and tired of fighting. I know you feel desperate at times and that your heart is sad. But I also see that you want to continue to stand firm and that both your heart and mind keep on fighting because you don’t want to leave me. That’s why you should know that I cry when you cry, and when you’re happy, I’m happy too.


Please let me help you! Permit me to protect you like a father. I want to be a soothing balm for your heart and soul.


I know you! You CAN make it. Please don’t leave me. Our precious friendship and your great faith can help you overcome and cope with every trial in your life. I WILL give you the strength you require. Never, ever forget that I love you and will be holding your hand as you fight to finish this ‘race’. Please keep going because I am longing to show you just how happy a perfect life will be. With love greater than you can even fathom, your Father, your God, your Friend, Jehovah.


Isaiah 41:10,13 ‘Do not be afraid, for I am with you. Do not gaze about, for I am your God. I will fortify you. I will really help you. I will really keep fast hold of you with my right hand of righteousness. For I, Jehovah your God, am grasping your right hand, the One saying to you, Do not be afraid. I myself will help you’

The emperor Frederick, who ruled the Roman Empire in the 13th century, thought it would be a useful experiment to discover what our original language was--Hebrew, Greek, Latin or whatever. So he decided to isolate a few infants from the sound of any human voice. He reasoned that, if so isolated from anything prejudicial, when they spoke, it would be in the universal, natural tongue of the human species.

Wet nurses were obtained to care for these infants. But they were sworn to absolute silence and could not engage in any socializing with these infants in any way. From the moment they were born, these infants never heard the sound or hum or song of a human. Within a year they were all dead.

Sometimes we complain about other brothers or make a fuss over the service of others because they do things differently form the way they would do them or the way they think others should do them. But let me tell you a little story and let's see if we can learn a lesson from it.

One day the carpenter's tools had a conference. Brother Hammer was in the chair. Upon bringing the meeting to order, he said that he understood there were some complaints among his fellow tools, and thought it would be a good idea to discuss it openly and frankly together. "So let's hear your complaints, brother tools," questioned brother Hammer. "Yes, brother Saw, what is your complaint?"

Brother Saw stood up and said: "It's that little brother Pencil. He gets on everybody's nerves. He is so small he can seldom be found when he's needed. And when he is found for service, he is so blunt at times, that it makes a very bad impression. He certainly needs to be sharpened up a bit around here if he expects to be of any use," fumed brother Saw.

Little brother Pencil slowly rose to his feet and spoke. "Alright, perhaps I am a little blunt at times. It's only when I spend too long in service that I'm like that. But at least I'm not like big brother Drill and his family of small bits. They are always going around in circles, and really to me brother Drill is just a bit boring."

Brother Drill and his family (just small bits) stood up and replied, "Yes, I know we have a reputation for going around in circles, but at least we are not like brother Plane. You have to push him to do anything and then all his work is on the surface. There is no depth to his work like there is to ours!" Then all the tools looked at one another and agreed that brother Drill had a good point there about brother Plane. All eyes now turned to brother Plane to see what he would say.

Quickly brother Plane spoke up and said: "Brother, I guess I'm not the only one around here that has to be pushed to do anything or that has no depth to his service. Brother Sandpaper is worse than I am." Brother Sandpaper was somewhat new in their midst. "Besides, look how rough he is," said brother Plane. "I can't stand being beside him, he just rubs me the wrong way! How he could ever accomplish any good in his service being so rough, I'll never know!"

That remark made brother Sandpaper really mad. "Brother Plane is just jealous," he shouted. He knows I have better success in service than he does, that's all. And while everybody's complaining," shouted brother Sandpaper, I'd like to complain about brother Rule. He makes me boil by his always measuring others by his standards, as though brother Rule was the only one who is right around here."

Tempers were really getting hot. All the tools seemed to have legitimate complaints against each another. Brother Level was so exacting.

But just then, in the midst of the heated discussion, and as some were getting ready to walk out and leave the others, thinking they were not needed; who should walk in but their master, the carpenter from Nazareth! He had come to perform his work for the day. His father had asked him to build a house that they both could dwell in and he was to finish it that very day. He put on his work cloths and started to finish the work his father gave him to do. He used the hammer, the pencil, the saw, the drill, the plane, the sandpaper, the rule, the level, the punch, and all the other tools.

But now, someone else appeared on the scene. It was the carpenter's father. How thrilled he was and pleased to see what his son had accomplished. "How did you do it, my son?" asked the father. "I put to good use some tools that I bought," replied the son, "and how I love every one of them. I paid a high price for them father, but they are well worth it."

"See brother Hammer over there? He's so useful for both the work of tearing down and building up. He's very effective in service because he really hits the nail on the head. He's a very solid worker I must say!"

"Than there is brother Saw," said the carpenter. "He's really pretty sharp and puts teeth into his work, you know; constantly going back and forth in one area at a time for a very effective service."

"I'm sure glad to have brother Pencil too. Although he's not very big and I have to sharpen him up from time to time like some of my other tools, he is very useful in the correcting and marking work."

"And father, here's another one I just couldn't be without," remarked the son. "Big brother Drill and these small bits of his family. They are all so good at reaching down deep into the heart and are always leaving the way open for a follow up."

"And look at brother Plane here. He is so handy to have around in service. He's a very smooth worker and doesn't bite off more than he can handle at one time. He sure is good at overcoming obstacles as well."

"And how do you find this tool, my son?" asked the father. "You mean brother Level?" questioned the son. "He is another one that is so useful to me; he has a good eye for balance and is very level-headed. I can use him often because he does a good job for me."

"I am so thankful," said the carpenter, "for even the very small tools I bought. They too are so beneficial and essential in my work. Take little brother Punch for example; although he is quite small, with the assistance of brother Hammer he does an excellent job at driving his point home."

"And there is tiny brother Rule. Although small in size, he is always extending himself to meet various circumstances, and in service, is so accurate in his statements."

"Even my new tools, like brother Sandpaper; I don't know how I could get along without them. Although he has a certain roughness about him, he does well in producing good results through his service."

"So you see, father," said the carpenter, "That it's because of having ALL THIS VARIETY of good tools that I'm thankful. With their help I'll finish your house in the proper time. Let me show you around the rest of the building, Father."

Well upon their leaving, all the carpenter's tools started rejoicing because of hearing the carpenter's commendation and seeing how pleased his father was of what they had accomplished together. Brother Hammer now again arose in their midst and said, "Brothers, I perceive for a certainty that all of us are needed. For although all of us may have our faults or don't do things just as others think we should, whether old or new, large or small, all of us are laborers together in pleasing our MASTER.

There was once a man who, resisting the cost of oats he fed his mule, decided to gradually substitute sawdust in its diet. Everything went fine for a while - but by the time the mule was satisfied with sawdust, he died.

The same is true of the Truth. The changeover from truth to error is sometimes a slow process, and some brothers don't always know the difference. But, before you know it, they are spiritually dead.

Power can be used in at least two ways: it can be unleashed, or it can be harnessed. The energy in ten gallons of gasoline, for instance, can be released explosively by dropping a lighted match into the can. Or it can be channeled through the engine of a Honda in a controlled burn and used to transport a person 350 miles. Explosions are spectacular, but controlled burns have lasting effect, staying power. Jehovah's spirit works both ways. At Pentecost, it was like an explosion: "tongues of fire" (Acts 2:3). Thousands were affected by one burst of God's Holy Spirit. But it doesn't always need to be so spectacular. The holy spirit also works through the congregation for the "long haul." Through worship, fellowship, study and service, Christians are provided with staying power.

If people would have been asked in 1968 which nation would dominate the world in watch making during the 1990s and into the twenty-first century the answer would have been uniform: Switzerland. Why?: Because Switzerland had dominated the world of watch making for the previous sixty years.

The Swiss made the best watches in the world and were committed to constant refinement of their expertise. It was the Swiss who came forward with the minute hand and the second hand. They led the world in discovering better ways to manufacture the gears, bearings, and mainsprings of watches. They even led the way in waterproofing techniques and self-winding models. By 1968, the Swiss made 65 percent of all watches sold in the world and laid claim to as much as 90 percent of the profits.

By 1980, however, they had lain off thousands of watchmakers and controlled less than 10 percent of the world market. Their profit domination dropped to less than 20 percent. Between 1979 and 1981, fifty thousand of the sixty-two thousand Swiss watchmakers lost their jobs. Why? The Swiss had refused to consider a new development - Quartz movement, which, ironically, was invented by a Swiss. Because it had no mainspring or knob, it was rejected. It was too much of a paradigm shift for them to embrace. Seiko, on the other hand, accepted it and, along with a few other companies, became the leader in the watch industry.

The lesson of the Swiss watchmakers is profound. Many people in Christendom have the Bible and the Truths that it contains. But pagan philosophies have been ingrained for so many thousands of years, that it is too much for them to accept. In order to accept the Truth, they have to think outside of the box, opening the mind to previously unfathomable possibilities.

Years ago an S-4 submarine was rammed by a ship off the coast of Massachusetts. It sank immediately. The entire crew was trapped in a prison house of death. Every effort was made to rescue the crew, but all ultimately failed. Near the end of the ordeal, a deep-sea diver, who was doing everything in his power to find a way for the crew's release, thought he heard a tapping on the steel wall of the sunken sub. He placed his helmet up against the side of the vessel and he realized it was the Morse Code. He attached himself to the side and he spelled out in his mind the message being tapped from within. It was repeating the same question. The question, from within was: "Is there any hope?"

The world is like a sinking submarine. Is there any hope? For Christians it is a resounding YES! Our hope is in Jehovah and his Messianic Kingdom. Like the deep-sea diver, we must never give up on spreading that message of hope before it is too late.

I would like to introduce you to four brothers in the congregation, Brother Somebody, Brother Everybody, Brother Anybody and Brother Nobody. All four brothers are very different from the rest of the congregation...it's too bad...but that's the way it is...really...it is a shame that it is that way.

Here are some of the problems these brothers have: Everybody failed to take advantage of the weekend time he had to go in service. He was always staying home from service on Sunday because he had some company or sometimes just because he had something else to do.

Now as for Anybody...he wanted to go in service but he didn't because he was afraid that Somebody would not be there to work with him. So do you know who went out? Nobody.

As it turns out Nobody was the only active one of the group. It was Nobody that always supported the meetings for service, it was Nobody that always showed up to clean the hall. It was Nobody that always made return visits on the literature he placed. And why? Because Nobody kept a house to house record.

One time at a meeting, the theocratic school overseer needed a brother to give one of the talks on the school program. Everybody thought certainly Anybody could do it, so he didn't offer. Anybody thought Somebody would do it. Do you know who offered to accept the assignment? That's right...Nobody.

There was an interested person that came to the meeting one Sunday. Everybody thought Somebody should approach the new one and offer to study with him. Anybody could have done it. But, again ... guess who did it?



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