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1. Listen to Jehovah. Many think they know the answers, but they don't even know the questions.   2. Study regularly, study deeply. We can be desensitized by what we see and hear, thinking it isn't bad, i.e., x-mas songs. We hear them; next thing we know the tune is running around in our head. In a short time we are humming them just as Satan wants.   3. Do we spend pioneer time in front of the TV or computer, and token time in service? Psalms 119:37, 'Make my eyes pass on from seeing what is worthless.'   4. Jesus is countless billions of years old ... and one day we will be as old as Jesus is now, and he'll only be twice our age.   5. The Bible is inspired of the Sovereign of the Universe. It's a masterpiece, give it careful attention.   6. The reasons some give for not being at the meetings is the very reason why they need to be there.   7. Too busy because of the high cost of living, or living high? You can't put enough money in the bank to get through Armageddon.   8. A couple of young brothers are going to a movie. When asked if it has bad language, they reply, 'yes, but we hear it all the time in school.' Do we want to pay to hear more? It should hurt our ears.   9. Every meeting is a holy, sacred occasion. Never be absent by choice.   10. Some are slowly losing the sense of urgency. We are in the heart and heat of a universal emergency. All in heaven have their attention focused on earth and what we are doing.   11. If we had the cure for cancer we would tell everyone? We DO have the cure for cancer, AIDS, and even death. People desperately need to hear. Our ministry is an extension of God's love. When you talk with someone they are face to face with a representative of Jehovah God.   "Jehovah's people never see each other for the last time"