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Most people want to serve God, but only in an advisory capacity

First plant five rows of peas:

Preparedness, Promptness, Perseverance, Politeness and Prayer.


Next sow three rows of Squash: 

Squash gossip, Squash criticism, Squash interference.


Next plant five rows of Lettuce: 

Let us be faithful, Let us be unselfish, Let us be loyal, Let us love one another, and Let us be thankful for everything we have.


No garden is complete without turnips. 

Turn up at meetings, Turn up with new ideas, Turn up with real determination, and always Turn up with a smile.

Pouring concrete is hard work. A solid base must be prepared before anything else is done. Then, when the concrete is poured, it must be shaped before it sets, because once set up, change is only possible if preceded by removal of what has already been laid down. If done correctly, a well-poured footing will last far beyond the original owner's lifetime. If done incorrectly, the evidence will appear soon enough as a crumbling surface, structural cracks, and a shift in walls and floors. 

Raising children is like pouring concrete. Before a baby arrives, a couple should prepare a solid base in their marriage and share a readiness for parenting. After the child arrives, the first few years can be likened to the time before the concrete sets up. By our presence (more than presents), by careful and thoughtful attention to the thousands of details and tens of thousands of repetitions required, by unfailing prayer and careful instruction in Jehovah's ways, we parents attempt to set a mold that will last a lifetime and more - into eternity.

Some people seem to expect the Bible to hit them like a jolt of adrenaline each time they read or study it. Although the "jolt" may hit us periodically, the benefits of the Jehovah's Word act more like vitamins. People who regularly take vitamins do so because of their long-term benefits, not because every time they swallow one of the pills, they feel new strength surging though their bodies. They have developed a habit of consistently taking vitamins because they have been told that, in the long haul, vitamin supplements are going to have a beneficial effect of their physical heath, resistance to disease, and general well being.

The same is true of reading the Bible. At times it will have a sudden and intense impact on us. However, the real value lies in the cumulative effects that long-term exposure to God's Word will bring to our lives.

Be Fishers of Men.... You catch 'em, He'll Clean 'em. 

Nothing ruins the truth like stretching it

In St. Louis there is a railroad switchyard. One particular switch begins with just the thinnest piece of steel to direct the train away from one main track to another. If you were to follow those two tracks, however, you would find that one ends in San Francisco, the other in New York.

Sin is like that. Just a small deviation from Jehovah's standards can place us far away from our intended destination.

If the whole universe has no meaning, we should have never found out that it has no meaning: Just as, if there were no light in the universe and therefore no creatures with eyes, we would never know it was dark, or even think about dark. Nobody would ever ask: "Why is it dark?" 'Dark' would have no meaning.

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