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How does a man feel after enduring five years in Nazi concentration camps? Disheartened? Bitter? Vengeful? Strange as it may seem, one such man wrote: "My life was enriched more than I could ever have hoped for." Why did he feel that way? He explained: "I found refuge under the wings of the Most High, and I experienced the fulfillment of the words of the prophet Isaiah, when he said: 'Those who are hoping in Jehovah will regain power. They will mount up with wings like eagles. They will walk and not tire out.'" (Isaiah 40:31). This was Max Leibster, whose body was beaten down by the most horrendous treatment imaginable had a spirit that figuratively soared upward, a spirit that Nazi brutality could not conquer. 

Give Satan an inch and he'll become a ruler

Watch your step carefully! Jehovah does.


When tempted to repeat some tidbit of information that could raise a negative eyebrow, remember to


T - is it 'T'rue?
H - is it 'H'elpful?
I - is it 'I'nspiring? 
N - is it 'N'ecessary? 
K - is it 'K'ind?


A plumb line can only prove that a crooked wall is crooked. No matter how you use it, a plumb line can't make a crooked wall straight. The law was God's plumb line, designed to show people that they are crooked, or sinful. It was never intended to make us straight or righteous - and, indeed, it never could.

A sailor on a large tanker is asked to go out and check something on deck during a severe storm. He holds on carefully, but is swept overboard by a huge wave. Just when he's about to go over the railing, he grabs hold of a rope with one hand. Now when he's hanging there, do you think he'll say to himself; well, wonder if I can hold on with only four fingers? Or maybe only three? No, he'll be trying to get a hold on the rope also with his other hand. Likewise, we have five meetings a week. Do we feel that perhaps we could do without one of them? Perhaps CBS? We've studied that book before, and it's not very difficult - I might as well stay home and read it instead. No, we attend all meetings and hold on tight to Jehovah's organization just like the sailor held on to that rope!

Jehovah doesn't call the qualified, He qualifies the called

We don't change the "Word of Jehovah", the word of Jehovah changes us.

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