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A lot of bowing your head will help keep your thoughts humble

Plan ahead. It wasn't raining when Noah built the ark.

Isn't it amazing what Jehovah has accomplished

Only by Jehovah's Spirit could only such a thing come to be 

To have No Barriers in our Love for one another 

What a Witness for the World to see


Isn't it mind boggling with all our different Languages? 

In agreement we all speak

Where race, background and station of life doesn't matter 

And when a disaster occurs, your brothers are there 1st 

And ready for the task to meet


Isn't it Fantastic to have so many brothers and sisters?

That you can depend on

Whether it be spiritual support, a helping hand, encouragement 

And many more, too numerous to relate 

To the world its unbelievable that no matter where we are

Internationally with our brother we are at home

Aren't we happy with our international brotherhood? We have put our stake


Oh how pleasant the unity we have among us

Because of Jehovah God we serve 

Let this mighty throng help us 

Not from Jehovah, never to swerve 

Psalms 133:1

Have you ever noticed a vine growing and spiraling around a chain-link fence? The fresh growth, the young green vine, is easy to remove with a simple twist our your wrist. But the old, brown, woody part of the vine is very difficult to remove. It takes a lot of time and effort to break it off, and sometimes in won't come off unless we are willing to also remove part of the fence itself.

Bad habits are like a vine on a chain-link fence. The sooner we get after them, the easier they are to remove. But he old ones, the ones we've let remain in our life for years, are hard to get rid of. And sometimes they can't be removed unless we also remove other parts of our life.

If someone has cancer, an operation is usually reformed to cut out the malignancy. The reason is simple: if left alone, it will metastasize; that is, it will spread. No one wants a cancer to spread, so it is cut out or otherwise removed from the body so that the patient can be healthy again. And, of course, when the doctors tell the patient, "We got it all," everyone is encouraged and rejoices.

The same is true in the congregation. The reason to disfellowship an unrepentant sinner it to protect the rest of the body from being infected with that disease. Sin, like cancer, needs to be cut out so it will not spread.

Don't put a question mark where Jehovah puts a period

"Pray" is a four-letter word that you can (should) say anywhere.

Long ago when I was young 

And learning from my parents tongue 

I came to know of many things 

To know the joy that learning brings


I learned the origin of man 

I learned just how it all began 

I knew of mighty men of fame 

But I didn't know God had a name


As time passed by, my knowledge grew 

There seemed no end to things

I knew The alphabet now came alive

I knew my numbers well past five


I learned of people and their acts 

I learned great scientific facts

I knew of Christ who healed the lame

But didn't know God had a name


One day a stranger spoke to me 

And told me where to find the key 

To knowledge of eternal life 

Devoid of illness, pain and strife


I listened to this humble man 

As he unfolded Gods great plan

He told me of the Kingdoms birth 

How men would beautify the earth


He told of things I'd never read

I somewhat hesitantly said,

"Tell me please, does he have a name 

This God of unsurpassing fame?"


He said "Would you please take the book 

I hold here in my hands and look

Until you find Psalm 83

And then read verse 18 to me?"


Thus as I read "That men may know"

I felt the tears begin to flow

For here before me I could see 

The answer to this mystery


"Jehovah" was his name I read 

Yes, that is what the scripture said

I thanked the man who came to share 

And brought the answer to my prayer


But now I pray I ne'er forget 

That others haven't heard it yet 

So may I publicly proclaim 

The knowledge of that mighty name

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