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A king asked his three daughters how much they loved him.

One replied she loved him better than all the silver in the world.

The second daughter replied: "More than all the gold in the world".

The youngest one said she loved him better than salt.

The king was not pleased with her answer, as he thought salt was not very palatable. But the cook, overhearing the remark, put no salt in anything for breakfast next morning, and the meal was so insipid that the king could not enjoy it.

He then saw the force of his youngest daughter's remark. She loved him so well that nothing was good without him.

Do we love Jehovah in the same way? If we feel nothing is good without his guidance, then we're just like this king's youngest daugher.

Give Jehovah what's right, not what's left!

Jehovah doesn't call the qualified, He qualifies the called

A deep-sea diver loves the sea but takes precautions to follow "the rules". He loves the sea yet still "fears" or respects it.

If you were sick and your neighbor sent her son over to your house with a nice pot of soup you would be grateful to the child, but whom would you thank the most?


A man is drowning. Someone sees him and throws him a rope, saving him. Does one see in the headlines the next day: "Rope Saves Man's Life!"? Not the rope, but the man who threw it deserves the thanks. Jesus is the rope, but Jehovah is the one who threw it.

You are a very special person. Just think about it, Jehovah could have chosen anyone he wanted to serve Him and He could probably choose individuals that are very self-disciplined, in good health, all types of wonderful qualifications that would make most of us look bad in comparison.   BUT He reads HEARTS. Out of all the people on this planet for some reason He chose you and me. So compared to world leaders and movie stars and other famous, accomplished people (by this system's standards), we are even more special! They can't even understand the basic Bible truths, but look at you and me! Think of what we can tell those people about His Word the Bible that they just can't seem to understand.   In Jehovah's eyes we are very, very special. OK, so maybe you are reaping what you sowed earlier in life. Remember, even though David was forgiven of his sins, his family still suffered because of his disobedience. But look at what he accomplished and think of the future he will have.   Look at it this way. You walk into an antique shop. You are looking around and see a small glass paperweight. You turn it over and the price tag is $1,000. So you walk up to the register and you offer the shop owner $10. Imagine how he would react! Now think of us. Jehovah PAID for you and me with the blood of His Son's sacrifice. I wonder how much value in dollars Jehovah would put on us? PRICELESS!   YES, we are PRICELESS to Jehovah. You know that Jehovah would not pay the price if we weren't worth the price to Him. Now, how do you think Jehovah feels if we You are a very special person, priceless, chosen out of all the world of mankind personally by Jehovah to know the truth and to serve the greatest person in the universe. And He did all of this while we were still imperfect and unworthy of this honor. You keep on hanging in there. Remember Jehovah NEVER forgets his people and neither do we.   When you feel buffeted by the world and of little value, you might think of yourself as a hundred dollar bill. Would you accept a gift of a crisp new C-note? Of course! What if the bill were not new, but slightly used? Still, just as good, right? What if you found the bill in the mud? Still, worth a hundred, right? But what if it's tattered and smudged and the corners are missing? Is it worth any less? Not at all! Whether bright and new or battered and beaten, a hundred is still a hundred. And we are precious to Jehovah and to our brothers, whether things are going fine or we have been through the mill.   It's not the outer appearance or the current condition that determines worth, but what backs us up that gives us our value. Our currency is backed by the First Universal Bank of Jehovah! Jehovah doesn't bother printing mere 100's. Like your spiritual siblings, you are priceless and remain just as valuable as ever, as long as you stay in circulation.   So keep enduring, and one day we will all be in 'mint condition'. Love from your fellow tattered banknote. " Happy is the man that keeps on enduring trials" Jas. 1:12."  

In an engine-room it is impossible to look into the great boiler and see how much water it contains.

But running up beside it is a tiny glass tube, which serves as a gauge. As the water stands in the little tube, so it stands in the great boiler. When the tube is half full, the boiler is half full; when the tube is empty the boiler is empty.


How do you know you love God?

Look at the gauge: Your love for your brother is the measure of your love for God.

How does a man feel after enduring five years in Nazi concentration camps? Disheartened? Bitter? Vengeful? Strange as it may seem, one such man wrote: "My life was enriched more than I could ever have hoped for." Why did he feel that way? He explained: "I found refuge under the wings of the Most High, and I experienced the fulfillment of the words of the prophet Isaiah, when he said: 'Those who are hoping in Jehovah will regain power. They will mount up with wings like eagles. They will walk and not tire out.'" (Isaiah 40:31). This was Max Leibster, whose body was beaten down by the most horrendous treatment imaginable had a spirit that figuratively soared upward, a spirit that Nazi brutality could not conquer. 

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