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Imagine this: The C.O. is visiting your congregation and he gives the talk. Afterwards you're walking out to your car and you're not watching where you're walking and you accidentally trip up the C.O.. He falls down into the yard and sits there and you apologize with all your heart and beg his forgiveness, offering him to give him a hand to get up. Instead of taking your hand he gets angry and says: "No, leave me alone! You have stumbled me!"

You continue to express your grief that you hurt the poor brother and still he refuses your help so you shrug and leave him sitting on the grass complaining about the way he was treated, although what happened to him was a total accident.

That night it rains and it poors and there is thunder and lightning and you are sitting in your nice warm house with the love of your friends and family, when suddenly you remember what happened that morning to the C.O. and you wonder: "He wouldn't still be sitting there in those terrible conditions would he? Naah, that wouldn't make sense."

So you go to bed and the next morning you get up, prepare for service and drive to the hall and guess what. Sitting in the yard, soaking wet and muddy, is the C.O.

"Brother C.O.", you cry out, "Please don't stay out there in the rain and mud, but come in and join the congregation and get cleaned up and enjoy the association and spiritual food in the Kingdom Hall!"

But still he shakes his head and says: "No, leave me alone! I have been stumbled and I want to stay out here!"

The point to this illustration is that many use this expression "I was stumbled" or "they were stumbled" like its a special label that will give them "carte blanche" not to have to do the necessary things required to gain Jehovah's approval.

When something, like a bike is moving slowly it doesn't take much to stop it, not much force on the brakes. But as it speeds up and gains momentum it takes more and more effort to stop it you really have to squeeze the brakes hard. Eventually it can become almost impossible to stop suddenly and not lose control if you're going to avoid disaster. So it goes wit life. You get into a situation and perhaps start to leave the truth. It starts slow - missing meetings here and there, then altogether. Then you get involved with the world. The sequence of events goes slow as first but then can just speed up. But by then its too late - you've lost control and it is going to take EVERYTHING you have to try to slow it down and stop the Inevitable from happening and avoiding a disaster. The more involved and attached you become, the harder and harder it is to break away. The Bible says to stay separate from the world and quit TOUCHING the unclean thing for a reason - you never know the potential and which direction it'll go.

A businessman was highly critical of his competitor's storefront windows. "Why, they are the dirtiest windows in town," he claimed. Fellow business people grew tired of the man's continual criticism and nitpicking comments about their windows. One day over coffee, the businessman carried the subject just too far. Before leaving, a fellow storeowner suggested the man get his own windows washed. He followed the advice, and the next day at coffee, he exclaimed, "I can't believe it. As soon as I washed my windows, my competitor must have cleaned his too. You should see them shine."

Application: Many times it's easier to see the problems and imperfections of others, than our own. Christ called it the "rafter in your own eye" (Luke 6:42). Maybe first we all need to "wash our own windows".

Excuses, excuses 

I've got one or two 

And if I think hard enough 

Maybe a few 


It's cold out, I'm tired 

My hair is a sight 

The dishes are still in the sink 

From last night 


My book bag is messy 

My shoes just won't shine 

I think it might flurry 

The car's out of time 


Excuses, excuses 

There must be some more 

Hundreds, no thousands 

I can't leave my door 


The people are busy 

And interest they lack 

If I climb those driveways 

I might hurt my back 


Nobody answers 

There's no one in sight 

There could be a dog 

And it's ME he might bite 


The gas gauge reads empty 

And I'm low on cash 

The wipers don't work 

If it rains I might crash 


I might get a phone call 

From someone in need 

Or maybe I'd better go 

Outside and weed 


Then after the dishes 

To fill in the gap 

I'll get nice and cozy 

And take a long nap 


And Oh, I'm so hungry 

I do feel quite weak 

If I go out now, why 

I just couldn't speak 


So I'd better stay home 

But then again wait 

Why, look at the clock 

It must be too late 



The car groups are full now 

They're gone one and all 

And since I am dressed 

I could go to the mall 


Excuses, excuses 

Yes, I know them all 

Examine them closely 

You'll find they're quite small 


And now that I've gotten them 

Out of the way 

I'm leaving for service 

I'll have a great day 


Jehovah will bless me 

Of this I am sure 

Excuses behind me 

Instead I'll endure 


For what excuse is there 

That I'd ever give 

Worth trading for truth 

To help people to live.

John 13:35 "By this all will know if you have love..." Gossip and negative talk can become very destructive. It might be likened to a person who talked about a person, but then he felt regret, so he went to the person to apologize. He said, "How can you ever forgive me?" He was told to go and collect a bag full of feathers, which he did, and took it to the brother. "Now what do you want me to do?" He was told that on a windy day he should shake the feathers in the wind, which again he did. And again he went back and asked what he could do! The brother said, "Now go and collect them and put them all back in the bag." What has been said can be forgiven but can they ever be forgotten? Can things ever come back to before the gossip was spread?

Forbidden fruits create many jams

Give Satan an inch and he'll become a ruler


When tempted to repeat some tidbit of information that could raise a negative eyebrow, remember to


T - is it 'T'rue?
H - is it 'H'elpful?
I - is it 'I'nspiring? 
N - is it 'N'ecessary? 
K - is it 'K'ind?


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