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It's like a forest seen from a distance. All the trees look alike until you get close and examine them.

If you have trouble with your car, for example, it wobbles in the front end, you go to several mechanics, and get different stories from each one. One says it is the carburetor, one says it is the tires, another says it is the muffler. You are not the expert - so how can you know? It would not take a lot of research to get at least an idea of who is telling the truth. Similarly it does not take a lot of research in the Bible to at least find out who is telling the truth.


You do not have to be a pianist to tell when someone plays a false note.

If someone gave you a hundred dollars but asked for just one dollar back, would that be unjust? They had many trees to eat from.


If there were a full table of beautiful food with a decorative centerpiece of some poisonous plants, would there be any temptation to eat of what you knew was not intended for eating, especially if you were told that it was poisonous?

A deep-sea diver loves the sea but takes precautions to follow "the rules". He loves the sea yet still "fears" or respects it.

Difference between reincarnation and resurrection:

Would you like you son/daughter/husband/wife/father/mother to come back as him/herself, or as someone else?

It is a greater sacrifice to sacrifice your son than to sacrifice yourself.

The difference between having and being a soul:

There is a great difference between having a dog and being a dog

If you read a book on China, does that mean you have to become Chinese

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