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Jehovah will only destroy the wicked:

You are the owner of an apartment block with tenants. Some are bad and some are good. If the bad ones start to destroy the block, what will you do? Burn down the whole block? Would it not be better to get rid of the bad tenants only?

The time is short What will I do? I'll study my Watchtower, My Kingdom Ministry, too.   Prepare for the study, Read all the scriptures. Make some notations, Even study the pictures!   Then suddenly you're zealous, And also quite nervous, And remember how often, You neglected the service.   Where is my Bible? Where are my books? Give me my bag, I forgot how it looks!   And, oh, so important, Since there's only one day, I must not forget, To incessantly pray.   Meetings!! Meetings!! That's where I must go. Forget about play, It's not important, you know.   Jehovah's Day is now here, And it did not delay. I wasted my time Much work and much play.   His day is now here. He sits on His throne, In righteousness judges, To uprightness prone.   How often I told you, The Kingdom to seek, And always be steadfast, Thus avoid getting weak.   So here is your judgment, With regret I do say, Your record is written, and this is my Day.   Your Bible is dusty, Your recreation was first, For spiritual knowledge, You seldom would thirst.   You neglected your service, And meetings forsook, Your prayers were not often, You're not in my book!!!