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A lion hunts in various ways. Sometimes it will ambush its prey at water holes or along well-used paths. But sometimes a lion simply takes advantage of a situation - for example, coming upon a sleeping zebra foal." Our "adversary, the Devil," explains the apostle Peter, "walks about like a roaring lion, seeking to devour someone." (1 Peter 5:8). Knowing that his remaining time is short, Satan is exerting ever-greater pressure on humans to keep them from serving Jehovah. However, this "roaring lion" is especially interested in preying upon Jehovah's servants. His hunting methods are similar to those of his counterpart in the animal kingdom. At times Satan tries an ambush - persecution or opposition aimed at breaking our integrity so that we stop serving Jehovah. But, like the lion, at other times the Devil simply takes advantage of a situation. He waits until we get discouraged or grow weary, and then he tries to capitalize on our low emotional state in order to get us to give up. We must not become east prey!

It was announced that the Devil was going out of business, and would offer all his tools for sale to whomever would pay his price. On the night of the sale, they were all attractively displayed. Even so, they were a sorry looking lot. Malice, hatred, envy, jealousy, sensuality

and deceit and all the other implements of evil were spread out, each with its own price. Apart from the rest, lay a harmless looking wedge-shaped tool, much worn and priced higher than any of the others.

Someone asked the Devil, "What is that?" 

"That is discouragement." he replied.

"Why do you have it priced so high?" the prospective buyer inquired.

"Because," answered the Devil, "It is more useful to me than any of the others. When I cannot get inside a man's mind with any of the other tools I possess, I can pry open and get inside his conscience with this. Once I get inside his mind with discouragement, I can use him in whatever way suits me best. The reason this tool is so worn is that I can use it with nearly everybody, as few people know it belongs to me." 

It hardly needs to be added, that since the Devil's price for discouragement was so high, it never was sold.

AND, he still owns it and still uses it today!!!