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Forbidden fruits create many jams

We all have seen and used those little electronic calculators. What happens if you get your information confused or make an error? You press the "clear" button and automatically all of the information is eliminated from the calculator. Then you begin again, without trying to sort out the previous mistake. In fact, there is no record of your mistake! It is lost forever!

That's what happens to our sins when Jehovah forgives us. The consequences may remain, but the guilt - the legal condemnation for the offense - is gone.

A plumb line can only prove that a crooked wall is crooked. No matter how you use it, a plumb line can't make a crooked wall straight. The law was God's plumb line, designed to show people that they are crooked, or sinful. It was never intended to make us straight or righteous - and, indeed, it never could.

If someone has cancer, an operation is usually reformed to cut out the malignancy. The reason is simple: if left alone, it will metastasize; that is, it will spread. No one wants a cancer to spread, so it is cut out or otherwise removed from the body so that the patient can be healthy again. And, of course, when the doctors tell the patient, "We got it all," everyone is encouraged and rejoices.

The same is true in the congregation. The reason to disfellowship an unrepentant sinner it to protect the rest of the body from being infected with that disease. Sin, like cancer, needs to be cut out so it will not spread.

Jehovah my God, always to be. Though many times I stumble, may you never leave me. When I fall down, please take my hand. Please give me strength and help me to stand. Help me back up and stand by my side. Take me and hold me with open arms wide so whatever I face and whatever I see, may you help me get over it and steadfast to be. Psalms 145:14

The conscience is like a sharp square peg in our hearts. If we are confronted by a questionable situation, that square begins to turn, and it's corners cut into our hearts, warming us with an inward sensation against doing whatever confronts us. If the conscience is ignored time after time, the corners of the square are gradually worn down, and it virtually becomes a circle. When that circle turns within our hearts, there is no inner sensation of warning, and we are left without a conscience.