Pouring Concrete

    Pouring concrete is hard work. A solid base must be prepared before anything else is done. Then, when the concrete is poured, it must be shaped before it sets, because once set up, change is only possible if preceded by removal of what has already been laid down. If done correctly, a well-poured footing will last far beyond the original owner's lifetime. If done incorrectly, the evidence will appear soon enough as a crumbling surface, structural cracks, and a shift in walls and floors. 

    Raising children is like pouring concrete. Before a baby arrives, a couple should prepare a solid base in their marriage and share a readiness for parenting. After the child arrives, the first few years can be likened to the time before the concrete sets up. By our presence (more than presents), by careful and thoughtful attention to the thousands of details and tens of thousands of repetitions required, by unfailing prayer and careful instruction in Jehovah's ways, we parents attempt to set a mold that will last a lifetime and more - into eternity.

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