Move Around at the Kingdom Hall

    Apparently most of us sit in the same section of the Hall week after week.

    This little jingle will get you motivated to move around and meet new friends. It's sung to the tune of our Song #123, "Move Ahead."


    Move around, move around at the Kingdom Hall. 

    Find a row, say "Hello" to someone you met last fall.

    Take a seat, plant your feet, have yourself a ball, 

    And get to know your family. 

    How many times have you walked through the door, 

    And staked a claim on the seat you had before? 

    Change your seat, you may meet Brother / Sister New. 

    Keep changing your locality.


    Move around, move around; help the spirit flow.

    Change your aisle, give a smile to someone you do not know. 

    You won't die, if you're shy, it will help you grow, 

    And add to your maturity. 

    Meet all the others, and not just a few, 

    'Cause all the brothers would like meeting you. 

    It's our loss if the moss grows all over us, 

    So move around more frequently. 


    Move around, move around; don't be finicky. 

    Change your spot, please don't rot, 'cause of immobility. 

    Move up close, get a dose of Theocracy; 

    We know you'll like it if you try. 

    You'd give your life for a friend, I am sure, 

    And share your wealth to help brothers endure. 

    So let's start being loving to one and all, 

    By changing seats in the Kingdom Hall.

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